Hanne Ugelstad 

is a social pedagogue, educator, writer, artist and photographer, specialised in working with marginalized youth groups and urban subcultures. She works with art, environmental psychology, project management and communication, as daily manager for Street Art Oslo, and festival manager for Løkka-Lykke gatekunstfest.

Hanne is particularly interested in topics concerning civic engagement and empowerment, and the ways (un)sanctioned art and creative expressions in our shared public spaces can create opportunites for people to experience and interact with the city in new and different ways.

Hanne is part of the art-based activism collective Subvertising Norway dedicated to question who has the power to communicate messages and create meaning in public space. She is co-founder of Kunst i Mellomrom forlag publishing independent zines about uninstitutionalized art practices, and founder of feminist artists collective Revolusjonens Jordmødre.